5 Tips How to Pack TV for Moving?

Flat screens are fragile and can quickly get broken. They’re also difficult to move, so they need to be packed properly. We have compiled this guide to make packing of TV easy for moving. Safely moving a TV requires extra steps. Follow these tips and make your TV safe during moving.

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Helpful Tips for Packing TV for a Move

Nobody wants to make their moving awkward and break their expensive items. So, follow these tips and make your moving experience hassle-free.

  1. Unplug all the accessories and cords

You have to unplug half of a dozen cables along with your power cable. Label each cable with a marker. Use a ziplock bag to store these cables.

  1. Wrap your TV screen in a blanket

The main goal is to protect your precious items like TV from scratches. These scratches can be due to packing materials or caused by movers. So, you need to secure your television screen in the following way:

  • Take a blanket and wrap it around the screen. Secure it by using a bungee cord or small rope.
  • You can buy plastic wrap that is designed for moving or use an original plastic protective sleeve.
  • Secure the packing paper properly.

These steps can help in secure packaging.

  1. Use original packaging if available

The best option for making your TV secure is the original packaging. These boxes are created while keeping the shipping in mind. Moreover, these boxes are designed to protect each part of the television.

These boxes also contain Styrofoam sections that help create an airtight barrier between the screen and the box. If you don’t have the original packaging, you can explore other options, such as:

  • Use a moving box and ensure that it has some extra space on all sides.
  • You can use moving blankets for a flat-screen TV. In this way, you can manage to keep the distance between a large moving box and screen. It will also prevent damage to the screen. Ensure that blankets don’t have buttons or zippers. Otherwise, they can cause scratching.
  • Some companies sell TV kits and offer perfect boxes for flat-screen televisions.

Ensure that you use these tips for a hassle-free experience.

  1. Place your TV inside the truck and make it secure

Once you have done with packaging slide your TV in the truck in an upright position. Ensure that your TV is in an elevated position. Secure your TV by placing it between the other items. It will reduce the chances of TV moving around. Moreover, when you keep your TV above the ground, it prevents heavier items from falling over it.

  • Keep your television between the sturdy furniture.
  • Secure it against the wall if there isn’t enough space to slide the TV between two items.
  • A bungee cord can help you secure your television in place.
  • Don’t let any rope or cord make contact with the screen.
  • Ensure that screen of the TV isn’t facing the wall of a moving truck or van.

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  1. Unpack or un-box your TV with care

After reaching your new destination, keep a few things about your TV in mind.

  • Ask your movers to place it in the upright position.
  • Unbox your TV as soon as possible and place it where you want to mount it.
  • During un-boxing, make sure that there are two or more people to get it out of the moving box.
  • Don’t do it alone if the TV is heavy. Moreover, don’t keep it in the flat position on the ground when sliding the TV out.

Ensure that you contact professional moving company for un-boxing. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your expensive equipment.

Final Words

When moving to a new destination, you have to pack electronic items with care. You need to pay more attention to TV because they’re fragile and more prone to damage. Use all the tips mentioned above to secure your television. TVs are a source of entertainment, so ensure that you keep them in good condition, especially during moving from one location to another.



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